Free Live Music at The Laneway Lounge

Wednesday, 09 April 7.00pm - Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys

Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys are somewhat of an institution of the Perth music scene. Formed in 2005, the band is renowned for its captivating live performances, which are marked by slick presentation and raw energy. Along with Adam (Vocals/Trumpet) it features some of Western Australia’s finest musicians.


Thursday, 10 April 7.30pm - Harry Deluxe

Harry Deluxe is a raunchy retro-inspired songbird whose vocal talents rival some of the hottest swing and rockabilly icons. Swingin' from Ruth Brown and Etta James to Janis Martin and Wanda Jackson this 'swingabilly filly' can belt out a ballsy tune that will knock the bobby socks off even the most mellow cats and kittens, and then soothe your every ill with sexy, soulful crooning.


Friday, 11 April 5.15pm - Nat Ripepi

Rich, warm and emotive are a few words to describe the voice of one of Australia’s best kept vocal secrets, Nat Ripepi. Performing professionally across Australia, Europe and the UK for over fifteen years and nominated for several music industry awards


Friday, 11 April 8.45pm- Just for the night

Just For The Night is a 4-piece Neo-Soul Band. Singer Katherine Curnow executes a defined performance whilst the band utilizes sampled hip hop, dance and funk drum kits under smoothsynthesizer sounds. The band, consisting of vocals, sampled drum pad, sythesizers and electric bass culminate a selection of R&B, Pop and Neo Soul music in their performances.


Saturday, 12 April 5.30pm -  Trevor Jalla

Trevor Jalla is a soulful, professional performer, giving his all on stage, whether at an international venue or one of the many local venues in which he plays. 
Trevor's repertoire spans the classic sounds of James Taylor, BB King, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. Combining deft guitar work and soulful vocals, Trevor Jalla’s unique style and delivery continue to garner critical acclaim from growing audiences both locally and overseas.



Saturday, 12 April 9.00pm - Alcatraz

With performing styles ranging from Jazz, Funk/Soul/R&B material right through to contemporary Pop, Rock and Top 40 hits, Alcatraz’s repertoire ensures that there is something for every type of music lover. Alcatraz’s high energy performances are engaging, seamlessly combining both old and new material.